Mondays - 6-7pm w/ Kyla and Tessa

Learn the basics of bellydance with skill, laughter, and a lot of sweat! 

Belly Dance is one of the oldest and most evolved forms of dance in the world. Stretch and tone your body while you learn this ancient and beautiful feminine art! 

This class is ideal for first timers and beginners, and even more advanced students who want to brush up on basics. Our normal warm up consists of muscle toning exercises and yoga based stretching. After the warm up we move onto drills, which include arms, shoulders, chest, stomach, and hips. After our warm up and drills we work on a combination or choreography. 

Tessa is Suhaila Salimpour and Hot Pot Improvisational Tribal Style format certified.  Additionally, she has studied with dozens of other professional dancers. 

All ages and body types welcome...check your inhibitions at the door! Put on your comfy exercise clothes and join us! (Please bring water and a smile!)


Sundays: Level 1 12:30-1:30pm

                Level 2 1:45-2:45pm

American Tribal Style® Dance is a modern style of belly dance created by FatChanceBellyDance, Inc. director Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman. ATS® is a method of synchronized improvisational group choreography that employs a vocabulary of movements and cues allowing the dancers to improvise together while dancing. This makes each performance an entirely new composition created in the moment. ATS® movements are inspired by folkloric dances of the Middle East, North Africa, Spain and India. 

Classes are led by Emberdance, an American Tribal Style® dance troupe in Billings, Montana.  "We believe that within every person, beneath the ashes of everyday life, lie embers of creativity waiting to burst to flame. For us, ATS® is the breath of life that sparked an all-consuming passion. We hope, by performing and teaching, to ignite in others that fire which has brought so much light and love to our lives." - Gail, Jenni, Kat, Tori


Wednesdays:  Level 2 = 6:30-7:30pM

                         Level 3 = 7:30-8:30pm

Thursdays: Level 1 = 6:30-7:30pm

ITS is a combination-based form of improvisational dance created by Amy Sigil. This energetic dance is all about teamwork, having fun and being actively engaged in the moment.

ITS relies on a shared vocabulary of movements, each initiated by a distinct cue movement. The leader initiates the cue movement, then a short, choreographed combination, or combo, is performed. These combos can be done in any order, and none of the dancers know ahead of time which movements the leader will cue next.

In order for ITS to work, everyone must know the same vocabulary of movements. Because of this, ITS is a lot like a language. Like any language, vocabulary and grammar are the tools that you will use to be able to communicate. American Tribal Style (ATS®), created by Carolena Nericcio in the 1980’s, is the root language of ITS. This dialect of ATS®, could be compared to a ‘romance’ language of Latin (ex: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French). It’s important to understand the roots of language in order to speak your modern tongue fluently.

Trust us, it’s worth the work. When everything comes together just right, there can be a perfect conflagration of musical interpretation, wordless communication and physical unity that creates a magical experience for both the audience and the performers. Of course sometimes it doesn’t happen this way- mistakes are part of ITS, and can even lead to some pretty unforgettable moments (the good and the bad kind!). It also allows you to have an incredible amount of freedom while still dancing in a troupe situation. Maybe you've never heard the music before. Maybe you've never danced with the other people in the Formation before. They may not even speak the same language as you. If you all know the ITS vocabulary, you can look like a polished, choreographed troupe.  Classes are led by Tessa, director of Tesseract Dance Collective.

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